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The company encourages staffs to bring into play their strong suits by dividing job positions into management channel and spe cialized field channel according to different job categories, so staffs in different positions can have continuous development career access.

1.Management Channel:Applicable to formally appointed managers of all different levels, including senior, middle level and basic level managers. This channel is helpful for staff with management capability to play their parts properly so as to enhance the level of the whole company’s management.

2.Spe cialized field Channel: Applicable to staff with certain technical expertise, such as design, purchasing, marketing, finance, human resources, IT. This channel helps to promote careers development of all different professional talents, so that they can strengthen their professional capability, at the meantime, the whole company’s level of technological innovation could get sustainable development. The company will deepen and expand the category of spe cialized field channel.

Every staff gets promotion opportunity as long as they work hard and improve their capabilities. Staffs at the same level posts enjoy the same salary and other welfare. The financial and material remuneration will increase when staffs are promoted to a higher position. Internal promotion channels are as follows:

1.Internal recruitment system: staffs are encouraged to have comprehensive development and enjoy equal shifting opportunities for different positions. The company will carry out internal recruitment if necessary.

2.Position review system: according to the company’s development strategy and objective analysis of staffs’ performance assessments, the company will implement annual review and distribute better positions to qualified staff.

3.Open competition system: To persist in the principal of fair competition, the company carry out the position floating system to provide equal career development platform for every staff and offer best position for best man.


JH not only provides a wide platform of vocational development for its staff, but also build up a scientific and systematic training system. Here, you can obtain sustainable and all-around training. JH is more a new platform to your vocational development than a new journey of your career. It’s the place where you can achieve success and growth……

Training for new employees: as a new member of JH, you will start to go close to and into it, and then open a new stage of your own vocational development here. It’ll provide you with training in corporate culture, institution and working procedure. Besides, it’ll offer its employees knowledge of the trade and products. Moreover, it’ll also train you in essential knowledge and basic skills for positions. All of these will help you swiftly integrate into teams, be competent for new positions and give full play to your value as well.

In-service training: to ensure your capacity and quality to be constantly promoted, and to meet the needs of the company’s sustainable development, we’ll offer you on-the-job training. The training is classified into different categories: training for executives, all kinds of expertise training and training for all staff and so on.

Training with external resources: based on demands, we’ll provide you with short-term external expertise training, including taking part in training held by government agencies, training of various vocational qualifications and training run by corporate administration consultant companies or institutions. Apart from these, we’ll send you to participate in diverse lectures, forums and seminars on specific topics. Or you may be organized to go on with on-the-spot investigation, etc.

Education funding for academic promotion: for those who are meant for specially fostering or those who have great potential, together with those who work in senior executive positions, we’ll offer support in your academic promotion, such as MBA and Master education of all types of professions, through the way of sponsoring tuition allowances.

Training grants: According to the yearly economic benefits, we’ll provide a certain degree of training grants to those who have good performance or make great contributions to the company during the year.