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About Us

   become the world's most valuable company specializing in brand

   We innovate the quality and design, and advocate a green technology, for making contributions that

people could live in a more delicate life.

   To maximize the social value!

                  To customers: to provide outstanding thoughtful service.
To employees: to provide a more competitive compensation and benefits remuneration, a broaderdevelopment opportunities and a stronger career platform to practice self-worth.

                  To shareholders: to provide satisfying income from investments.
To society: to have a spirit of gratitude and responsibility for society.



Integrity: is our company’s commercial morality. One of our principles is that contracts are honored
and commercial integrity is maintained. And we treat customers sincerely and credibly in the relation
of friendly cooperation and long-term development. With the good faith, we wish to gain the
recognition from the society and market.
Pragmatic: is our company’s firm cornerstone. To customers, to staff, to investors and to social
expectations, we must work conscientiously, steadfast and responsibly. Furthermore, we will use the
practical actions to fulfill the promise.
Innovation: is our company’s soul. We are keeping on innovation in products. And we are forging
ahead with determination in this field, and achieving self- challenge. Only by seeking continuously
self-denial and self-improvement can our company create more valuable products,marketing and services.
Excellence: is our company’s ever-lasting pursuit. We are commanding an overall
situation. We pay attention to details, seek for the perfection, and perform an
outstanding role in this field. With the spirit of self-challenge, we never satisfy the
present state and we are working to realize good-to-great transformations.


    Customers are our partners forever.

Seeking the growth of enterprise value and customers value.
The degree that we keep clients satisfied is a measurement used to evaluate whether we
are successful or not.


    The qualified talents are the most precious capital of Jing Huang Glassware.

Meritocracy: The people with talent and morality are welcome to join our company.
people-centered principle.
to build up learning enterprise and to create a core competitive advantage.
people should have a strong sense of responsibility and Have a ability to work
to aspire the joy of working, the motivation, excellence and to encourage performance


    To realize enterprise standardization, specialization, and detailed management, and to
create an excellent international enterprise.
To introduce to globalization, e-commerce, customer relationship management, supply
chain management, knowledge management, Lean Enterprise etc. excellence international
management modes to push the high-speed development of enterprise.
To build up a green factory that completely carries out ISO9001:2008 Quality Management
System, ISO4001:2004 International Environment Management System, Environmental label
product guarantee measure system, OHSAS1800 Professional Healthy Security System
Authentication, and SA8000 Social Accountability.