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About Us
    Guangzhou Jing Huang Glassware Co., Ltd.(Jing Huang Glassware for short) was established in 2001.For the last 16 consecutive
years, Jing Huang, a leading enterprise in the domestic glassware exportation, has became the NO.1 exporter of domestic glassware
in China. It is one of the “National Top Ten Star Enterprises”of Glassware Industries and also rewarded as one of the Top Ten Chinese
Consumer Most-satisfied Brands”。
Jing Huang Glassware has provided reliable-quality products first-class service and innovative designs to the global catering business,
hospitality Industry and household consumers. Jing Huang, having its own designers, manufacturing plants and marketing team is a
large-scale enterprise. Its head office is located on the 35th floor of Guangzhou CBD R&F PROFIT PLAZA. At present, Jing Huang has
gathered a team of professional designers and marketing talents and has created domestic and overseas marketing departments.
Besides, Jing Huang builds up its own warehouse covering over 20000 square meters and several wholly-owned and share-holding
manufacturing companies across the whole country
With its strong abilities of designing and developing, Jing Huang Glassware now has gained more than 100 intellectual properties.It
produces and sales over ten thousands kinds of products, and produces more than one hundreds kinds of new products every year,
which including glass tumblers, mugs, bowls, plates, jugs, vases, candy bowls, fruit trays, ashtrays,storage jars, glass jewel boxes
and water set series.Meanwhile, Jing Huang Glassware has various   decoration technical crafts including machine printing, handmade
decal, sand blasted, spray color, gilt designs and draw golden line designs and etc
Having being in the business for over 10 years, by running business with 100% concentration, focus, profession and fidelity operating ,
Jing  Huang Glassware is highly recognized by domestic and overseas customersRegarding the international markets, Jing Huang
Glassware has established long-term relationships with clients from countries and regions all over the world. Products are being
exported to North America, South America, Europe, Africa, Mid-east, Southeast Asia etc, gaining popularities from the foreign
consumers.Regarding the domestic markets, Jing Huang Glassware has become the nominated articles for mid-high-end catering
business, hotels and business gifts. Furthermore, with some of the famous shopping malls like Wal-Mart, Carrefour, Park n Shop,
Vanguard being everywhere, it’s getting more convenient and much easier for buying our products.
In Jing Huang Glassware, we have a group of supr eme talents with full knowledge, enterprising,and motivation.
In Jing Huang Glassware, we attaches importance to management and has achieved ISO9001 QMSC and ISO14001 EMSC right after
we entered into this business.In Jing Huang Glassware, some of the excellent management patterns are being applied to our daily
operations, like E-Commerce, CRM, SCM, KM, and Lean Enterprise. Thus, our enterprise is now able to develop fast and steadily in a
more standardized, spec ialized, refined and informational way.
As our new slogan “EXCELLENT IN QUALITY AND SERVICE”, Jing Huang Glassware will continue being your most sincere business
partner and provide you with supr eme products and ace service.“hold fully of love, fill home with warmth” to those who pursue
high-quality lives, Jing Huang will be honorable and happy to better your life by offering you fashionable, unique and healthy products